Couture Creations Design Team Audition 2019 - Dot & Do..I love them? Yes, I do!

Hello clever crafty friends! Today I'm throwing my hat into the ring by auditioning for the Couture Creations Design Team. If you're not that familiar with this brand, they are an Australian company that offers a wide range of products to the crafting community. If you are familiar with them it probably is because of their outstanding hot foils, dies and other foiling products. Their hot foil happens to be my favorite of the many brands I've tried. However, they carry a huge line of crafting supplies and tools. Foils are just one of Couture Creation's many products.

I decided to give one of their product lines, Dot and Do a try. This system reminds me a little bit of the sticker books I used to get when I was a kid. The premise is simple. Find a sticker that matches a shape on a template and apply it over the top. As you add more stickers, a beautiful pattern of shiny colors takes shape until you have a completed card panel. But that's not all! (LOL! I love saying that!). Also included are decopage images in 4-6 pieces that you layer up using foam tape to create a lovely 3D focal point on the foiled card panel. The results are quite amazing.

Cupcake Card - Purple Cake Kit

Rose Panels - Purple Flowers Kit

I found the process really relaxing. It's similar to working on a jigsaw puzzle only a lot faster and very satisfying in a short amount of time. As you work, you discover what colors your design will be since each shape comes from one of the 4 colored foils. The exception to that are strips and small dots. Every sticker sheet has those options so it allows you to pick the colors you desired for those shapes, thus giving you flexibility to make it your own.

Iris Card - Purple Cake Kit
You can get many different Dot and Do kits on Amazon and other places but the one I purchased came from HSN. In this kit, I received two Dot and Do kits, each making at least 3 cards. The set names are Purple Cake and Purple Flowers. Included in this kit is their picking tool which looks like a pen but has a sharp pick instead of an ink refill. This is a perfect tool for picking up and moving the stickers to your template.

Flower Heart - Purple Flowers Kit
As you can see from the photos, the cards made from the Dot and Do kit are gorgeous. I enhanced them with some softly applied Oxide ink and gems. I used stamps also to create several sentiments although I left many without sentiments because I didn't feel they were needed and would take away from the cards themselves. I used stencils and ink or silver glaze as well. The designs really don't require enhancements but I had fun seeing what ideas I could come up for backgrounds and accents.

Wreath - Purple Flowers Kit
I hope I've successfully piqued your curiosity to check the Dot and Do line out a little further. I've got a video showing all the parts and pieces of the kits I used, close-ups of the finished cards and a tutorial showing you how to make the card pictured below.

Cake - Purple Cake Kit
If the thumbnail doesn't work, click on this LINK

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Couture Creations and their Dot and Do card line. Let me know what card you like best!


Link to the HSN Dot and Do Kit featured in this post: CLICK HERE
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