Funky Fancy Fold - Triangle Pop-Up

Hello everyone! Today I have a fancy fold card for the new Art Impressions Funky Folds Challenge going on now until August 5th.  This is called a Triangle Pop-Up card. It folds together to create half a cube with triangles that angle out when it's displayed. In the middle is an easel mechanism that creates the pop-up feature.

I decorated this card with images from the Whisk It Set #5001. I love all the stamps but my favorite is the stove with a batter bowl and a loaf of bread baking inside. So cute! I colored all the images with Copic markers. The retro blue/green & yellow color combos I used can be found at the end of this post. 

This isn't a difficult fold once you understand it. However, it's just "funky" enough that it takes a bit for most people to know how to fold it out to display. For this reason, I recommend giving this card in person so you can show them how it goes together.   

At the top of this post is how the card looks when it's fully open. To display this, you open it all up and then move the right bottom quadrant on top of the left lower quadrant. There is a set of magnets that will find each other. They hold everything in place and that's all there is to setting it up for display. 

It's a little more complicated to fold it back up. Everything you see below is the inside of the card. The bottom half is split. The bottom half is split only to the middle and it has to be this way in order to pivot the bottom right quadrant on top of the bottom left quadrant for display. 

Now you fold up the bottom half to meet the top half. This reveals the back of the lower left quadrant in the photo above. This is the front of the card once it's all folded up. At this point, the square we started with is now folded in half. 

Next you fold the right half behind the left half to make a 4" square shape. Now it's ready to go into an envelope. Some people like to use a belly band or a ribbon to hold all the layers together a little more tightly. I am good with that though and I didn't do either.

My video shows the major steps and how to fold and unfold this card in real time. I walk through all the pieces and how to do the final assembly as well. Just click below to see it.

To further assist you, I have made a list of paper pieces with sizes needed and a diagram that shows where the pieces are placed on the 8" x 8" card base. The numbers correspond to the diagram where applicable. I had to make this for myself to keep it all straight since there are so many pieces and layers. Hopefully, you'll find this helpful too.

Paper Dimensions and Cutting Directions: 

  1. Cut a square out of base card cardstock - 8" x 8" square. The square in Diagram A is this piece.
  2. Cut a white square - 3 7/8" for card front. Also cut a main pattern square - 3 3/4." Glue together.
  3. Cut a white square - 3 7/8" for left bottom quadrant.
  4. Cut a white square - 3 7/8." Also cut a main pattern paper square - 3 3/4." Glue together for placement on bottom right quadrant. 
  5. Cut a white square - 3 3/4." Also cut a main pattern square - 3 1/2." Cut both squares in half and glue the patterned triangles on the white cardstock to create two matted triangles.
  6. Do the same as step 6 using a contrast pattern square. Cut both squares in half and glue the patterned triangles on the white cardstock to create two matted triangles.
  7. Cut a rectangle out of base card stock - 6" x 3 1/2." This is the easel mechanism and it's shown in the diagram under the square. On long side, score at 3" and 4 1/2." Fold in half and place circle die on top so part of the die overhangs a small part of the fold. Cut and then fold the 4 1/2" score line to create the easel part of the mechanism. 
  8. Cut a square out of base card stock - 3 1/2." Use it to cut out a circle using the same die as in step 7. Glue this to the bottom half of the easel part of the easel mechanism. The top half of this circle should not be glued to anything but the lower half of the easel mechanism.
  9. Cut a circle using the die large enough to fit your sentiment. Mat it with another circle slightly larger. Glue together and attach it in the easel mechanism so that it will catch the easel section and support it to display upright. Make sure that nothing catches or is in the way before you permanently glue it in the card. 


                                     EASEL MECHANISM (above)

Before I go I need to share two other things. First is that I learned this fold by watching a video from Jan B on YouTube. She's a Stampin' Up Demonstrator from the UK. You can find her post with video here: Triangle Pop Up Card

And finally, the Copic colors I used for the bulk of this card are:
Retro Blue/Green Combo: B01, BG15 and BG45
Yellow Combo:YG00,Y02 and Y13

If you want to play along with this challenge, you can follow the link here to upload your card. The  winner receives three stamp sets which is a very generous prize! You don't have to use Art Impressions stamps but you do get extra points if you do. Head on over to the challenge post and show off your work! I can't wait to see it!

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