Adorable Cookie Baking Ginger - Cameo 4 Project

Hello everyone! 

I am in the middle of a love affair for gingerbread tags for the holidays. I have been making them since August and I show no signs of stopping! Have you been obsessed by a certain topic or theme before? 

Today I'm sharing my latest Ginger tag or ornament (if desired) made with my Cameo 4 machine. This file is from Kadoodle Bug Design and it's called, Cookie Dough Ginger Boy. The finished tag measures 5 1/2" x 4" so it's pretty substantial.

For this Ginger, I used many colors of cardstock including Royal Sundance Fiber Kraft, Royal Sundance Felt - Natural, Pop Tone cardstocks in Wild Cherry, Sno Cone and Hot Fudge, Basis Light Lime, DCS Dolphin and Silk Glitter Opulant Opal.

I started by opening Silhouette Studio and arranging all the pieces for my cut so I could get them all done at once. Once cut, I used Vintage Photo Distress Ink to shade the gingerbread pieces. I really like using Royal Sundance Fiber Kraft Cardstock for gingers. It has a little bit of noticeable fiber which adds more realism for the gingerbread. It shades up really nicely and looks very much like it's baked and sprinkled with cinnamon. Each of the remaining shapes are shaded only on the edges to give shadow and dimension. The large beige cutout is Royal Sundance Felt Natural Cardstock. It is 110# and provides an strong base for the ginger pieces. It can do double duty as an attractive tag back. Below are all the pieces shaded and ready to be pieced.

Next, I pieced the gingerbread cookie dough, the cookie cutout and the face on the background piece. I really like having the light background to work from as it helps to align all the pieces in the intended spots. Since it is so light, I did ink the edges up heavily so if I got a piece slightly off, the light color wouldn't detract from the design. At this time, I also started to piece the hat and the rolling pin. Notice the cute little heart and the ear fluff detail in the cookie cutout. Adorable! This also shows how well the cardstock cuts out on my machine. For those of you with machines, you will understand when I say it's super satisfying to get all your pieces cut on one mat without having redos because something cut badly. This was a one pass wonder for me!

Next I added the body and arms, I finished the hat, added the green circles to the rolling pin and the frosting to the hands. You certainly don't have to use the circles on the rolling pin but I think they make the rolling pin go from good to great. The designer put a lot of cute details like this in this pattern which I appreciate.

Below is the finished ginger with his chocolate chip buttons. I used foam tape on the hat pom poms and trim, the rolling pin and hands. It gives it just the right amount of dimension. I added one coat of white gel pen on the eyes using a Glaze Jelly Roll pen. After drying, I gave it another coat. I find that the glaze pen does the best job of getting a solid white area without very much ghosting. At this time I decided to give the ginger a background so I cut a lacy stitched oval out of Opulant Opal Silk Glitter Cardstock.

I attached the oval so the glitter side was on the front. On the back, I stamped To and From so it's ready to be used on a package or given as an ornament for the tree. I attached the string by running it through an old button before using hot glue to attach it to the tag. I think this gives a homey feel to the tag plus I'm finally using buttons I've been accumulating over the years!

At this point, I sprayed the front of the ginger with Silver Glitter Dust from ThermoWeb. Besides adding a bit of sugary shine, it further darkens the cardstock pieces to give it a baked look. To finish this tag, I added a silver and green bell along with two little fussy cut tags I printed on Pop Tones Sweet Tooth cardstock. I had an extra little ginger from the piece that was cut from the backer so I added it as a charm. Last but not least, I made a small bow to put on this cute little Ginger's neck.

I love how this guy turned out. What do you think? Are you in love with Gingers this year? I'm warning you that just like eating a yummy cookie, you can't stop with one. They are just that fun to make! Get all the cardstock you need for your upcoming Christmas projects from CutCardStock.

Thanks for stopping by today. 

Happy Creating Everyone!

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  1. How darling! Your gingerbread tags will be a hit this season! And yes, I do become fixated on certain themes or products at times! Hugs, de